About Mistress Porcelain

your Premier San Diego Dominatrix

Mistress Porcelain Midnight — San Diego’s Premier Dominatrix

I  am Mistress Porcelain Midnight, A Professional and Lifestyle Dominatrix. I have been honing and perfecting my craft for over 12 years.

I specalize in the art of Domination and the skill of S/m.

I bring the full range of my personality and sadism to every Lifestyle session; combining sincere empathy and warmth with sadistic cruelity. My genuine desire to watch you suffer, and laugh at your humillation is paired with playfulness and warmth.

I have a fondess for heavy masochists but I also enjoy sensual time with fetishes of many varieties.

You should know that I can be quiet cruel & sometimes fun. Whether I am giggling at you or berating you, I am always genuinely sadistic.

I love to watch my subs/slaves squirm under my complete control, I prefer them under the heel of my boots.

I love to see and hear the cracking of my whip as it lashes across your skin.

Corporal Punishment is my speciality, but I do offer other forms of torture, exploring your fetishes and watching you Submit to me! A Beautiful Dominate Goddess.

      Mistress Porcelain Midnight