Frequently Asked Questions

Answers by your Premier San Diego Dominatrix
" I am new to this, and I'm not sure what I want"
Helping you to learn about your desires, fetishes is part of my job. There is nothing wrong with being uncertain about what your interest are, but have some idea of what you are interested in when contacting me.
My sessions vary  and I need at least some idea of what you are interested in when booking a session. I  cater to many differnt types of clients. Look over my list of things that I offer under my session page.
I am a Proffessional Dominatrix NOT an escort.
Please know the differnece between the two when contacting me about your session. I do not offer sex or any services that ends in the word “job”
what you see in a porn is not what I engage in. Some escorts offer sex with domination, I DO NOT. I AM NOT AN ESCORT!
How do I book a session with you?
To book a session with me, you can e mail me at
Introduce your self and be respectful. I do not answer to rude e-mails.
When addressing me in an e-mail please address me as Mistress Porcelain. When E-mailing me please leave your contact info, intrest, how long of a session you are looking to book, days and times.
If I do not get back to you right away, I am either in a session or busy at the moment. I do check my E-mails through out the day and will get back to you as soon as I can.
Do You offer outcall?
I do, but I do charge more for my time and travel time to you.
How long do I need to book a session with you?
I session Monday-Sunday. I require a minimun 24 to 48 Hr notice to wanting to book with me. I sometimes do have same day sessions available but it is not a guarantee. My days and available times depends on the day and week.
Where do you session from?
I book all of my sessions at a proffesional private dungeon.
It is completly annoynmus, safe, and secure. We value privacy just as much as you do. If you are new the “dungeon” may sound intimidating, It isnt. if you are booking a more mild session, just foot worship or something not as intense, I have a room for it all. The space I session from  is over 2,000 sq ft with multiple differnet themed rooms. It is fully stocked with anything and everthing you could think of. This offers a wide variety of session options.  Once your session is booked with me you will recieve  a confirmation E-mail the morning of your session to confirm your session. You will also be given directions and an address to the space.
Why is a depoist required?
I can understand why clients are wary of a Mistress asking for a depoist.
However, understand that Mistresses receive hundreds of E-mails a day. By asking for a depoist is a very good way to filter out flakes, time wasters, and clients that are not serious about showing up to their session. I also believe that every ones  time is valiuable. I request a deposit to ensure your sincerity and that you will keep your apt. Also if you do not have a reference from another Dominatrix to confirm who you are, or have not sessioned with me, I  will ask for a depoit. As a proffesional Dominatrix with 10 years in the indusrty, I am not going to take a small deposit and not show up to ruin my hard earned, well established repuation over a small deposit. I would have been banned from this industry a long time ago.
Do you travel?
I do travel to different city’s. I book sessions in advance in Orange County, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. You can E-mail me to make arrangements if you would like a session.
What should I expect during my session?
Prior to your session I will confrim your session day and time. You will recive instructions and directions to your session. Please arrive on time. not early, or late. On time. if you arrive to early I  might not be ready fo you and could be finishing up with a session. If you are late it runs into your session time. Before your session I will go over basic  protcol and your session interest. If during your session you would like to go longer, with time premiting, arrangements can me made to extend your session.
Do you do Double Domme sessions?
Yes I do. I have a lot of other pro Domina’s that I work with and can book doubles.
Do you switch?
Absoulity not. I am very Dominate. I do not switch.
Do you do phone sessions or cam sessions?
I do, you can contact me at to make arrangements with me.
Do you see coupels?
Yes! I love to session with coupels. I do coupels therepy as well.
Do you use "safe words?
Yes, always. I only session in a safe, consenting, environment.
my subs/slaves safety very seriously and do not condone in unsafe practices. I have a background in CPR, health, safety and sanatization.
Do you offer only foot worshiping sessions?
I do, I have a beautiful room that I book foot worshiping session from in my Dungeon.
I have a perfect size 8 foot and do a lot of foot worshiping modeling and foot fetish  events.